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We train, facilitate and advise ambitious entrepreneurs throughout their entrepreneurial journey from ideation to getting funded and and acquired. Our team leverages their own experience of building businesses as well by mentoring startup founders through programs such as the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps and Founder Institute to assist startup founders in sustainable growth of their venture.

Services We Offer

✔️Business Modeling – We help startups strategize and select the right business model for their venture

✔️Pitch Deck Development – Simply put, we help you design pitch decks that raise capital! The end product is a bulletproof pitch deck that clarifies your idea, positions your startup as one on a mission to disrupt and change what’s fundamentally broken in the world, and that clearly explains your revenue model and investment strategy in a nutshell.

✔️Investment Strategy Development

✔️Entrepreneur training – From fine tuning your idea, to customer validation or finding the product – market fit, we teach everything there is to entrepreneurship and startup development. We offer this as a one-week insanely intensive bootcamp or throughout the engagement cycle with a startup.

✔️Growth Consulting – We help develop growth and marketing strategies that ensure exponential yet sustainable growth of your venture, helping it scale at a pace that attracts funding and investors

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