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Sixth Road Consulting’s Higher Education Consulting program has been up and running for a year now. Within this brief time span we have been able to reach out to large number of high school and university students helping them to clearly think through the higher education options with particular focus on students’ unique set of circumstances and professional aspirations.

Made up of Graduates from Harvard, UMICH (Ann Arbor), Princeton, Columbia, Oxford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, NYU and Cornell, Sixth Road Consulting’s elite team of admissions strategists provides you with the insights needed to stand out as a top applicant so that you’re in the best position to receive that acceptance letter when admission season rolls around.

Sixth Road Consulting’s Higher Ed Advisory goes much deeper than traditional services. We pride ourselves on helping students perform at their absolute best!

With our full range of services, you will:

  1. Boost your academic performance and expand your university options
  2. Design a strong initiative to help you stand out with extracurriculars and leadership
  3. Get help applying for financial aid and scholarships
  4. Receive a comprehensive one-, two-, three-, or even four-year plan laying out the steps and giving you the tools to get into your dream university
  5. Get your Common Application Essays, UCAS essays, personal statements and resumes vetted, reviewed and critiqued by our team of admissions strategists.

Our higher-ed consulting vertical is headed by Qasim Shamim. Qasim joined high school teaching at a renowned private school in Islamabad after his undergraduate degree in economics from LUMS in May 2014. During this time he engaged in multiple not-for profit educational projects including some of which were initiated by him. After 3 years of high school teaching, Qasim proceeded to University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) from where he graduated with a professional masters in Educational Leadership and Policy. Ever since coming back, Qasim has been counseling in a private school and simultaneously growing the education consulting practice at Sixth Road Consulting.

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