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Sixth Road Consulting recently celebrated its one year anniversary and we thought it would be nice to reflect on what we accomplished, all the thorns and roses we encountered and what is our vision for year ahead – all in (hopefully) less than three hundred words!

We envisioned a management consulting organization that aligned itself with principles of gig economy, that was highly data driven and relied on evidence based outcomes for clients from all sectors. While we will not disclose our financials or the client list, we’re very proud of the fact that we have lived up to our promise and completed engagements with the energy sector, non profits, development banks, public sector entities, startups and small to medium enterprises to whom we wanted to bring the benefits that come with external, unbiased advisory at a fraction of billable that our competitors charge.

When we started Sixth Road Consulting, we jumped in at a time when the Pakistani economy was spiraling down in one of the worst stagflation periods in its history. Businesses were closing down and we were forced into a position to compete with entities more than ten times our size for a pie that was shrinking. We have been heckled, shown the door, rejected and turned away but we chose to remain relentless and anti-fragile. We treaded on and proved to everyone that it takes just a David to take down a Goliath.

We started with the aims of beating our competition and within a year have reached a stage where our competition is strategizing to outmaneuver us. This brings us to our vision for 2019 – 20: We aim to reach a point where we have no competition. To do so, we plan the year to be one of exponential growth and us taking on engagements within multiple lines of businesses and focusing on perpetual accounts than one time projects. We won’t divulge further. Watch us!

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